Definition of easy mark in English:

easy mark

Pronunciation /ˈēzē märk/ /ˈizi mɑrk/


  • A weak or gullible person; a person who is easy prey.

    • ‘an easy mark for a grifter’
    • ‘The teens are targeting prey they see as easy marks, people on their own and those affected by alcohol.’
    • ‘Either that, or some database somewhere has us listed as easy marks, and marks who actually pay their bills, too.’
    • ‘A few people, claiming to have marketing expertise, tell me it is well known that those who avoid marketers are typically easy marks.’
    • ‘The elderly are easy marks, and in electoral college rich Florida, Social Security is the third rail of politics.’
    • ‘She was such an easy mark, she almost begged to be the butt of many jokes and pranks.’
    • ‘As any con man will tell you, you can never con an honest man; it's the guy who thinks he's going to get something for nothing who's an easy mark.’
    • ‘It's one of the most underreported crimes and during the final hectic week of holiday shopping, you could be an easy mark.’
    • ‘In fact, Mia's so bad natured we're all guilty of messing with her because she's such an easy mark.’
    • ‘They started doing it in reality TV, where writers don't have union protections and are easy marks for getting this kind of material in there.’
    • ‘Terrorists are actually targeting contractors and nongovernmental organization personnel because they are easy marks.’
    • ‘If you're running a big tab, you're an easy mark.’
    • ‘Because I'm a baseball fan, I tend to be an easy mark for baseball-themed movies.’
    • ‘You still won't be completely immune to problems, but 99% of the time the threat will pass you by, looking for the easy mark.’
    • ‘He looked out of place, which made him an easy mark.’
    • ‘Can anti-war films do more than hit, by now, an easy mark?’
    • ‘The New York hustler is down to his last seven dollars and needs to find an easy mark.’
    • ‘Is it a copycat robbery, peer pressure, a particularly easy mark, or something else?’
    • ‘An obvious reason for divers being singled out as easy marks is that even your average thief can work out that when you set off for a morning dive you will be gone for a set amount of time.’
    • ‘Snaring people who are an easy mark for a fine, rather than preventing road deaths, seems to the object of the exercise.’
    • ‘Far from buying protection, the bank revealed itself as a easy mark, amenable to blackmail.’