Definition of eat crow in English:

eat crow


informal North American
  • Be humiliated by having to admit one's defeats or mistakes.

    • ‘the so-called experts will be eating crow tonight’
    • ‘You will be eating crow for following a leader who has no intention of following through with his promises.’
    • ‘We're having to eat crow, is what we're doing, and we might as well admit it.’
    • ‘There, he needs to eat crow, apologise for his mistakes and make clear that he is turning a new page.’
    • ‘It will be nice to see you eating crow in your midseason report.’
    • ‘I guarantee that I'll be back winning shows again, and then all the doubters are going to have to eat crow for dinner.’
    • ‘But now the nutrition nay-sayers may have to eat crow.’
    • ‘Every time I say I never want to hear another concept record about somebody's failed marriage, one comes along that's lovely enough to make me to eat crow.’
    • ‘I smiled on the inside, glad that Sam had to eat crow.’
    • ‘And if I go overboard, I eat crow and apologize and beg for mercy.’
    • ‘If by the 31 of December of this year, it hasn't happened, we will gladly eat crow.’