Definition of eat dirt in English:

eat dirt


  • Suffer insults or humiliation.

    ‘the film bombed at the box office and the critics made it eat dirt’
    • ‘Down in the garage, the Maranello worker bees buzz about tinkering with the F2002 model, which left the competition eating dirt, and fine-tuning an updated F2003 version which promises more of the same.’
    • ‘You can be rational and still find yourself eating dirt.’
    • ‘Considering he failed in a bid to become manager of Crawley Town shortly before arriving at Tynecastle, he can hardly be blamed for eating dirt at present.’
    • ‘The system forces the domestics to eat dirt for two years in hopes of getting into the country.’
    • ‘I think I got the laws of physics a bit wrong and I was eating dirt!’
    • ‘I'd be eating dirt if I just played in a band all the time.’
    • ‘When it came to the ‘A’ Final and a head-to-head with yours truly, he made a jet-propelled getaway and left me eating dirt.’
    • ‘But I couldn't stop because there was a part deep down inside of me, a voice in the back of my head that sounded remotely like my high pitched 10-year-old self that screamed at me to catch her and make her eat dirt.’
    • ‘Any government, any business, any individual who does not align himself with this undisputable reality will eat dirt.’
    • ‘I'm guessing this is what the author wanted her to do, just prostrate herself and eat dirt.’