Definition of eat like a bird in English:

eat like a bird


  • Eat very little.

    • ‘Sometimes you can't get him to eat a thing, and then at other times he eats like a horse!’
    • ‘Of course, let's not jump to any distorted conclusion about Sarah's chowing patterns; I imagine Freddie probably eats like a bird, don't you think?’
    • ‘Despite eating like a horse recently my weight has continued to plummet.’
    • ‘Children wont starve themselves, and after a few days my daughter was eating like a horse.’
    • ‘She's been here for three months and she's fine… she eats like a horse… and she loves me.’
    • ‘Jack is a great footballer and he eats like a horse.’
    • ‘Originally, she had dieted all the way down to 137 pounds - without doing any exercise - but she found she had to eat like a bird to keep herself at that weight.’
    • ‘I'm a rather big girl, which means I don't exactly eat like a bird.’
    • ‘I can't stress enough that you don't have to starve yourself or eat like a bird to build a great body.’
    • ‘He wasn't into real sports, but was on the cross country and track teams, which pretty much explained why he was as skinny as stringed beans, even though he ate like a horse.’