Definition of eat one's own dog food in English:

eat one's own dog food


  • (of a company's staff) use a product or service developed by that company so as to test it before it is made available to customers.

    ‘we had to eat our own dog food—we had to make sure the tools worked’
    • ‘Sound like a pipe dream? IBM will try to prove it isn't by "eating its own dog food."’
    • ‘Eating our own dog food means that we have to stay on the cutting edge of what's out there.’
    • ‘But the failure of the BBC to eat its own dog food is less than a ringing endorsement.’
    • ‘In a move he described as "eating our own dog food", the company is moving all internal desktops to open source software.’
    • ‘My brain is still spinning from ETech, where we were eating our own dog food all week trying out social software during the show.’
    • ‘And the product development cycle must go on, and we are getting towards the part in the product development cycle where you have to eat your own dog food.’
    • ‘And being in the technology business, we think it's important that we eat our own dog food, in terms of using the technology and e-business tools internally.’
    • ‘We'll focus on improving our product, and we'll focus on staying in business, by listening to our customers and eating our own dog food, instead of flying all over the country trying to raise more venture capital.’
    • ‘It was signing up members at a furious rate, in part because it provided a better user experience than we did, and we didn't understand that, because we didn't eat our own dog food.’
    • ‘It needed to have the right people who would want to build the app for themselves and eat their own dogfood.’
    • ‘The developers will use it because the program manager makes them eat their own dogfood.’
    • ‘The company is also "eating its own dogfood" by operating the services internally.’