Definition of eat one's words in English:

eat one's words


  • Retract what one has said, especially in a humiliated way.

    ‘they will eat their words when I win’
    • ‘You can eat your words now because they have defied you and all of the doubting media army.’
    • ‘I'm glad to report that they have been made to eat their words.’
    • ‘And now, you know, they saw it, and now they can eat their words.’
    • ‘Those who talk tough are soon forced to eat their words.’
    • ‘Her burning desire for achievement will ultimately lead her to success in the men's game and her current critics are going to eat their words.’
    • ‘The Indian captain also came down heavily on the critics and said that all those who said that Team India was a myth would now be made to eat their words.’
    • ‘We are content to prove our mettle gradually in our own way - so that biased persons eat their words when we emerge victorious.’
    • ‘But the male regulars at the Met bar in Sale may have to eat their words after coming face to face with woman wielding the fastest cue in Britain.’
    • ‘However, after he released all three hours of the director's cut, critics were forced to eat their words.’
    • ‘Those who accused him of being a dogmatic socialist have been forced to eat their words.’