Definition of eat someone's dust in English:

eat someone's dust


informalNorth American
  • Fall far behind someone in a competitive situation.

    • ‘And his five fellow competitors were soon left eating his dust as he took first place in the Senior Class National Championships.’
    • ‘Make sure your brother eats your dust on the go-cart track!’
    • ‘These losers might treat you and your friends like dirt now, but they'll end up eating your dust.’
    • ‘If they still don't budge, let 'em eat your dust!’
    • ‘The game does offer wheel-to-wheel, fender banging fun, especially when there are real people in the room to bark at when you've just left them eating your dust.’
    • ‘‘Hey,’ Vincent laughed, ‘Looks like you're eating my dust.’’
    • ‘I ran ahead of both of them and left them eating my dust.’
    • ‘If she hadn't she would have carried on running and left me eating her dust but she didn't.’
    • ‘We have had close competition on the two opening rounds, losing out to him on the first and letting him eat our dust on round two.’
    • ‘‘Get ready to eat my dust Wallace,’ she warned, hopping out of the car on their arrival.’