Definition of eat someone alive in English:

eat someone alive


  • 1informal (of insects) bite someone many times.

    ‘we were eaten alive by mosquitoes’
    • ‘He was tempted to take off his shirt, but knew that the wicked little insects would eat him alive.’
    • ‘How can I drop a hint to the others that the mosquitoes are eating me alive when they, even the women, are all far more covered than I am?’
    • ‘At night, crammed as many as 14 to a room, they say the mosquitoes eat them alive.’
    • ‘I was sitting lazily in a lawn chair by the river down the hill from my aunt's house and the mosquitoes were eating me alive.’
    • ‘I tell him I am a bit worried about mosquitoes after they nearly ate me alive last time I came here in the summer.’
    • ‘I finally had to quit because the flies were eating me alive.’
    • ‘Last time, in June we were eaten alive by a particularly nasty species of biting fly that drew blood.’
    • ‘It's a wonder he wasn't eaten alive by the midges!’
    • ‘When I started this, Patty wrote us and said bugs were eating them alive and they had no bathroom facilities except for putting two pieces of wood over a cardboard box and that's what they used as a toilet.’
    • ‘PPS - Population of my room - me, one cockroach, one gecko and one pesky mozzie that is eating me alive.’
    1. 1.1Exploit someone's weakness and completely dominate them.
      ‘the defence lawyers would eat him alive on a written comment like that’
      • ‘I couldn't show any sign of weakness or they'd eat me alive.’
      • ‘Most felt Christie would be eaten alive by some of the bigger, more robust full-forwards.’
      • ‘Up front Laois were eaten alive by a ravenous Westmeath defense.’
      • ‘‘If a pro-war Labour MP came to our group he would be eaten alive, because we know who said what to whom and when, better than he does,’ said one member.’
      • ‘And he said, ‘We would have handled it the same way, but Republicans in Congress, especially, would have been eating us alive for doing that.’’
      • ‘The opposition are eating them alive for being go at it alone cowboys and here we go proving their point.’
      • ‘I think there are times when he needs to retreat from media attention - because the same media that will give you exposure is the same media that will eat you alive later on.’
      • ‘Bargain hunters aren't a completely ruthless bunch, but if you look mean, they will eat you alive.’
      • ‘I just looked out on the prison compound from the solitary room, and I could tell, I couldn't run with these people at all, they'd eat me alive.’
      • ‘If he doesn't change his tune they will eat him alive on this one.’