Definition of eatable in English:



  • Fit to be consumed as food.

    ‘eatable fruits’
    • ‘Several of the men left early to hunt, and the remainder of them shared bits of eatable fruits and beans found in the wild.’
    • ‘We made rolls out of the grains and wrapped them in the eatable parts of the skunk cabbage we gathered.’
    • ‘We're running out of arable land, drinkable water, eatable fish.’
    • ‘The only eatable substances left were Joel's spices, that were great when you had food to go along with them.’
    • ‘Fumbwa, another typical Congolese dish, is mainly prepared with a popular variety of eatable leafy vegetable that grows wild in the forest over there.’
    edible, palatable, digestible
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  • Items of food.

    ‘parcels of eatables and gifts’
    • ‘Foods and eatables should be covered and properly cooked before eating.’
    • ‘I have seen lots of plays in the villages, where eatables are supplied to the audience.’
    • ‘He would be showered with money, eatables and gifts after which he would be brought back home for circumcision in the presence of a big gathering.’
    • ‘A unit to produce eatables out of discarded meats and other byproducts is also planned to be established, the official said.’
    • ‘On Sunday night we actually received a scoop of ice cream with our eatables.’
    • ‘Likewise, eatables with low calorie content such as wheat bread, diet rusk, fruits with low sugar content, and vegetables controlling sugar in the body were displayed.’
    • ‘What are the three eatables or dishes you simply don't want to live without?’
    • ‘In the latter part of this plan she was, of course, following God's final instructions to Noah; ‘For your part provide yourself with eatables of all kinds and lay in a store of them, to serve as food for yourself.’’
    • ‘Some three to four years ago, a visitor to the zoo could very easily carry water bottles and eatables in plastic carry-bags inside.’
    • ‘Per the guards instructions, I removed the remaining eatables from my three property boxes.’
    • ‘People, who managed to come out of the area, have reported that there is an acute shortage of potable water and eatables.’
    • ‘Like any other college canteen, this shop has eatables and stationery articles required by the students.’
    • ‘The tribal children were provided dresses, shoes, pen, pencils and eatables.’
    • ‘At every point we would come across a boat vendor selling some eatables, they would purchase something for me to eat.’
    • ‘There was an altercation between the activists and a few hawkers who were selling eatables on the issue of payment.’
    • ‘Those with children had to face a lot of problems to arrange eatables.’
    • ‘A bedecked Christmas tree and stalls selling eatables added to the ambience.’
    • ‘The crowd swelled as the day progressed, to the great pleasure of hawkers selling eatables and tea.’
    • ‘They throw eatables, use sticks to tease them, and shout at the animals or even throw stones at them.’
    • ‘Collectively, the eatables of nations have a great hand in giving their people their uniqueness.’
    nourishment, sustenance, nutriment, subsistence, fare, bread, daily bread
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