Definition of eating house in English:

eating house


  • A restaurant.

    ‘The Blue Whale Eating House’
    ‘Mrs Miller's—a contemporary pub and fine eating house’
    • ‘Overall, however, it was an enjoyable break, but really the pubs and eating houses are going to have to get their own houses in order if the slippage in tourists numbers so manifest this year isn't to continue into 2005.’
    • ‘The current practice of eating with forks and blunt ended table knives was introduced in the 18th century to reduce the injuries resulting from arguments in public eating houses.’
    • ‘And while talks are continuing with various parties for a hotel of up to 150 beds, separate health and fitness complex plus an eating house such as a family pub restaurant, no deals have been signed.’
    • ‘Restaurant reviews are taken mainly from the kinds of eating houses where we all eat - including some different places which would not necessarily immediately spring to mind.’
    • ‘Miscellaneous refuse such as oyster shells apparently from an eating house were also located nearby.’
    • ‘We went to the eating house for a feed and later a canteen used to arrive at the fair.’
    • ‘We don't all want muffins and coffee at noon, and it seems hard that all the energies of York eating houses should be devoted to such like articles of diet, to the detriment of more wholesome things.’
    • ‘All of them served only Cantonese food, just as the original eating houses in Limehouse had done - lots of lacquered meats, seafood, and vegetables in oyster sauce - because that was the region of China from which most of the chefs came.’
    • ‘Over leisurely lunches at excellent eating houses around town, meeting up with dear friends, Lori, Francoise, Kate, Jules, Stephanie and others, I pondered these points.’
    • ‘A big one it turned out to be, with me eating a quarter of a pig, a bowl of rice and some salted vegetables at one of the many 24 hour eating houses along Pork Rib Alley.’
    • ‘My family used to regularly return to Skipton for a day shopping at the market and shops, sampling local eating houses and spending a not inconsiderable sum of money.’
    • ‘Travellers and tourists have become a common scene in the town and new shops and eating houses are open to serve the new arrivals.’
    • ‘It already had a stone homestead, a school, a men's kitchen, a bachelors' hall, some pine huts, a blacksmith shop, woolshed, slaughterhouse, stables, bullock cueing pens and a stone eating house.’
    • ‘Madeleine promised to show them an eating house where the two of you had once eaten.’
    • ‘So I was having lunch in a Barcelona eating house last Sunday when a rather large family (large meaning numerous) from Belfast got seated in the table next to me.’
    • ‘The eating house was run by D. Bowman during 1864 and early 1865.’
    • ‘Wilhem Faust sent a courier to give a message to Caewin at the fort where he was stationed, and in the morning, he came to meet them at an eating house.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the food at the eating house was most enjoyable and by this time the trainees were looking forward to going back home.’
    • ‘There's more to running an eating house than serving food.’
    • ‘He and the team will soon be working in a brand new bakery at the eating house where major building works will create seating for an extra 100 customers.’
    inn, bar, tavern, hostelry, taproom