Definition of eavesdropper in English:



See eavesdrop

  • ‘By using a rolling-code phone scrambler you will secure your conversion against any casual listeners, criminal eavesdroppers, and local investigators and law enforcement agencies.’
  • ‘These can be encrypted, but eavesdroppers can't be detected.’
  • ‘To talk to a foreigner is no longer a sign of political unreliability, and conversations do not have to be carried out in a hole-and-corner fashion, behind walls, with one nervous eye open for spies and eavesdroppers.’
  • ‘But officials say it will also cover many more, like staff in Baghdad who worked for the National Security Agency, the nation's code breakers and eavesdroppers.’
  • ‘And while refusing to confirm or deny that it's going on, the White House insists only evildoers need fear government eavesdroppers.’