Definition of eBay in English:



[with object]
  • Buy or sell (goods) through the eBay website.

    • ‘We're not asking you to eBay your gear and take up shuffleboard, of course.’
    • ‘The next question for everyone will be how quickly it's going to happen - and therefore how soon to eBay those old non-touch screens.’
    • ‘I just knew I had a ton of clothes and other stuff, that while I could eBay them and probably make more money, this would be more fun.’
    • ‘I hate double-dipping, but this is one instance where you've just gotta spring for this edition, then eBay it when you get the second edition.’
    • ‘Simple, you eBay it and don't link to this review, though I would suggest rummaging around the CD-ROM because all the voice files are in MP3 format.’


1997 from the proprietary name of the website eBay (from Echo Bay Technology Group, the name of a company run by eBay's founder, Pierre Omidyar).