Definition of ebb and flow in English:

ebb and flow


  • A recurrent pattern of coming and going or decline and regrowth.

    ‘the ebb and flow of state politics and power’
    • ‘It emerges from the ebb and flow of collective grievances and struggles for power.’
    • ‘There have been specific tactical changes and an ebb and flow of activity.’
    • ‘He is more generous with the conversational ebb and flow than he needs to be.’
    • ‘It is the ebb and flow of workload, which is the normal professional control of the consulting engineer in the exercise of his duties.’
    • ‘I bought my drink, took it to an empty table and sat back to listen to the ebb and flow of conversation around me.’
    • ‘Football at all levels thrives on that ebb and flow of teams emerging as powers to take the place of those who have fallen by the wayside.’
    • ‘Each day, I'll be posting the running totals for each decade, so that you can track the ebb and flow of their fortunes as the project runs on.’
    • ‘The songs in turn reflect the cyclic patterns of ebb and flow found out there in the elements.’
    • ‘The entertainment in the game was its ebb and flow, not the quality of football.’
    • ‘The ceaseless, restless ebb and flow of humanity makes up the shifting patterns of life in a city.’