Definition of EBF in English:



mass noun
  • The feeding of a baby exclusively with breast milk, rather than partially or fully with formula.

    ‘the study supports public health efforts to encourage EBF for at least 3 months’
    • ‘ Regarding the duration of EBF, only about one third of mothers interviewed (34.7 %) mentioned up to six months.’
    • ‘Household income may be so low that food insecurity persists, triggering perceptions of breast milk insufficiency leading to abandonment of EBF.’
    • ‘According to her, women were not expected to give their child anything including water within the period of EBF.’
    • ‘Postnatal depressive symptoms were associated with shorter duration of EBF.’
    • ‘A study in Ethiopia which found 97.5 % of mothers had a positive attitude towards EBF.’
    • ‘A protective effect of EBF against total illness in urban infants was found.’
    • ‘The majority of mothers knew about EBF and had a positive attitude towards it.’
    • ‘We found that women valued EBF and wanted to do it.’
    • ‘Promotion of EBF for working mothers through working environment is recommended.’
    • ‘Prenatal care offers a unique opportunity to enhance intentions to breastfeed that may lead to improved EBF in this health vulnerable population.’


  • (of a baby) fed exclusively with breast milk, rather than partially or fully with formula.

    ‘when do EBF babies start sleeping through the night?’
    • ‘EBF babies are found to have a higher intelligent quotient.’
    • ‘EBF babies gain the right amount of weight.’
    • ‘It's noteworthy that EBF babies have less infections and illnesses.’
    • ‘His time is almost up as an EBF baby.’
    • ‘Recent data shows hypoglycemia occurs in 10% of healthy-term, EBF babies when monitored to 48 hours of life. ’
    • ‘When compared to the EBF infants, the risk of diarrhea was higher and statistically significant.’
    • ‘My EBF daughter hates the bottle.’
    • ‘I have a 3 month old EBF baby who is having major constipation issues.’
    • ‘My 4 month old EBF baby has a pretty bad cough.’
    • ‘Any suggestions from anyone on formulas that are an easy transition for an ebf baby?’

verbEBFs, EBFing, EBF'd, EBFed

[with object]
  • Feed (a baby) exclusively with breast milk, rather than partially or fully with formula.

    ‘I'm now 10 months into EBFing my little girl’
    no object ‘I decided to EBF for 6 months’
    • ‘ I'm still EBFing my 10 month old, so my cycles are still way messed up.’
    • ‘Once solids are introduced you are no longer EBFing.’
    • ‘Unless she's planning to EBF, she is going to have earned a few drams of that peaty whisky we know she loves.’
    • ‘I want to EBF now that my little one latches properly and loves breastfeeding, but I've finally built a supply with my hospital grade pump.’
    • ‘I'm a first time mom due in 8–12 weeks, and I don't know what someone who is going to EBF needs!’
    • ‘I am EBFing my son, who is 4 months old.’
    • ‘I'm trying to EBF my daughter who turns 4 months old tomorrow—and weighs almost 19 lbs.’
    • ‘I've been EBFing my daughter for going on 11 months.’
    • ‘I EBFed until my son was 5 months, then combination fed for another 2.’
    • ‘ I did not notice any reactions to food I consummed as she is EBfed.’
    • ‘I EBFed all three of my babies.’


1980s from the syllabic initial letters of exclusive breastfeeding, exclusively breastfed, or exclusively breastfeed.