Definition of ebon in English:


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  • Dark brown or black; ebony.

    as modifier ‘the dark shadows of the mountains gave the river an ebon hue’
    • ‘Dark curls of ebon feathered around his face in need of another trim soon.’
    • ‘The other male had dark, ebon skin, and long scarlet hair that waved gently in the fiery breeze.’
    • ‘She was in a dark room, so black that she could feel its ebon weight upon her shoulders.’
    • ‘The ruby one blazed and then shuddered into a feminine shape, and the sparkly ebon one swirled into a crouching figure with a long black mane.’
    • ‘He was a raven, and he whipped his dirty ebon wings against the breezes as a washer woman would beat a carpet.’
    black, jet black, pitch black, coal black, ink black, black as night, black as pitch, sable, inky, sooty, raven, dark



/ˈebən/ /ˈɛbən/