Definition of ebullience in English:


Pronunciation /iˈbo͝olyəns/ /ɪˈbʊljəns/ /iˈbəlyəns/ /ɪˈbəljəns/

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  • The quality of being cheerful and full of energy; exuberance.

    ‘the ebullience of happy children’
    • ‘And the sight never failed to fill you with excitement that soon you would be caught up by the city's noise, energy, brashness, ebullience, smartness and wit.’
    • ‘But it's little wonder that the project - the biggest construction in England apart from the new terminal building at Heathrow - is coursing with so much energy, ebullience and excitement.’
    • ‘The same can go for adult band members whose ebullience of spirit, exhaustion, or carelessness result in loosened ties, crooked hats, lost instruments, or other egregious failures of decorum.’
    • ‘He opted for a strong theatrical style, exaggerating every tone and gesture and playing with great energy and ebullience.’
    • ‘John, it strikes me that there should be, if you will, more effusiveness, more ebullience on the part of the White House, on the part frankly of the whole government because the fact is, this election occurred today.’
    exuberance, buoyancy, cheerfulness, joy, joyfulness, gladness, cheeriness, merriment, jollity, sunniness, breeziness, jauntiness, light-heartedness, high spirits, high-spiritedness, exhilaration, elation, euphoria, jubilation, animation, sparkle, effervescence, vivacity, enthusiasm, zest, irrepressibility, perkiness
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