Definition of ecce in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛkei/ /ˈɛtʃeɪ/ /ˈɛksi/


  • Lo!; behold!

    • ‘By the time Pontius Pilate shouts to the mob, 'Ecce homo!', there is barely a man to behold, just a bloody wreck.’
    • ‘I am nothing if not an Open Book. Behold! Ecce Veritates!’
    • ‘The soldiers burst out in the exclamation, so often attributed to them since, "Ecce Tiberim!"’
    • ‘Some folks do tend to go on so - and usually when they have less to say. Ecce, Blogatus.’
    • ‘Ecce my notes on the sermon.’
    • ‘That is, en et ecce, my noble auditors! Walk in and see, ladies and gentlemen.’
    • ‘That is worth an Ecce indeed.’
    • ‘"Ecce," I say, not shouting, but speaking clearly, projecting my voice, and my confidence.’
    • ‘If anyone had been affected by the strength and power of the shout "Ecce Caesar" then Labienus was the man to puncture that boast.’
    • ‘The rubric of it is written in their own blood, with an Ecce; the last Ecce of all, Behold our fearful end.’
    look, see, lo





/ˈɛkei/ /ˈɛtʃeɪ/ /ˈɛksi/