Definition of Eccles cake in English:

Eccles cake


  • A round flat cake of sweetened pastry filled with currants.

    • ‘They continue to be indispensable ingredients for such items as spotted dick, Eccles cakes, and Scottish black bun.’
    • ‘The problem with shop-bought Eccles cakes is they are often dry with pastry that sticks to the roof of your mouth and the filling is more stodge than fruit.’
    • ‘Sally Lunn's buns are perhaps not as well known as Bakewell tart, Richmond maids of honour and Eccles cakes but that is because they never appear outside their home town.’
    • ‘En route they have stopped to nibble their rucksack staples cheese and pickle sandwiches for two plus Eccles cakes for afters.’
    • ‘Talking of pies, don't go to a chippie - go to a proper Northern bakery and get a custard or an Eccles cake while you are there.’
    • ‘My server appeared and recited the specials for the night, but I already knew what I wanted: parsley salad with roasted bone marrow to start, then a whole Middlewhite boar, followed by a score of Eccles cakes.’
    • ‘We now sell sandwiches, ready meals, specialist jams, Eccles cakes, game - we are the cooked meat specialists!’
    • ‘Meanwhile, hopes of restoring a colourful mural of 100 years in the town's history, including bakers with trays of Eccles cakes, have hit a brick wall.’
    • ‘Quintessentially British and loved by everyone I know, Eccles cakes can't fail to impress if you serve them with a really good cheese as dessert.’
    • ‘And there's no bread in Diggory's shop, so the chubby baker has just tried to palm him off with some Eccles cakes.’
    • ‘By five o'clock I am on my second Eccles cake of the afternoon and still have to climb Mam Tor, the ‘shimmering mountain’, which rises 1500 feet above sea level.’
    • ‘With 20 minutes to wait for our coach home, we succumbed to the lure of an Eccles cake each and, as we stood eating them, a lovely lady on a nearby stall invited us to sit with her.’


Named after the town of Eccles near Manchester, England.


Eccles cake

/ˈɛk(ə)lz keɪk/