Definition of ecclesiological in English:



See ecclesiology

  • ‘Lawmakers must recognize the leadership of their elders-not ‘elders’ in the ecclesiological sense of presbyters, but simply those who are older and therefore presumably wiser than the lawmakers themselves.’
  • ‘The Windsor Report thus appropriately focuses on ecclesiological questions related to the nature of communion and does not attempt to resolve conflicts related to sexuality, and homosexuality in particular, within Anglicanism.’
  • ‘In fact, sometimes it contributes to the ecclesiological crisis of disordered relationships among and between bishops, priests, and laity, and the relationship of all of us, but especially the American bishops, to the Vatican.’
  • ‘However, these good relations did not deter a rivalry based on divergent outlooks on Christian history and the Reformation, and certain differing doctrinal and ecclesiological viewpoints, like the main issue of baptism of the convert.’
  • ‘I say this always in the light of the presupposition that these are read and cited with reference to the original intention of the authors, who wish to illustrate Christological and soteriological, and later ecclesiological, positions.’