Definition of ecclesiology in English:



  • 1The study of churches, especially church building and decoration.

  • 2Theology as applied to the nature and structure of the Christian Church.

    ‘Tillard challenges Catholic and Protestant theologians concerned with ecclesiology and sacramental theology to think deeply about what it means for the church to become and to live as the body of Christ present in the world.’
    • ‘Within the Christian church the new technology fragmented theology and ecclesiology, producing Protestantism in all of its variety, dynamism, confusion and contradiction.’
    • ‘I do not think I changed my mind about theology or ecclesiology or the fate of Christianity in the modern world.’
    • ‘Covenantal theology is also ‘new’ and aspects of ecclesiology and eschatology have awaited the last several centuries for finer definition and clarity.’
    • ‘However, despite the popular presentation, one wishes the historical presentation were more accurate and the theological issues, particularly ecclesiology, less idiosyncratic.’
    • ‘On the most important theological issues, including ecclesiology, Roman Catholics are genuinely closer to the Orthodox than to Protestants.’
    • ‘The selections were grouped into four general areas: theological metaethics, ecclesiology, social ethics, and medical ethics.’
    • ‘The result was to put the mystery of Mary in the context of ecclesiology and Christology, reining in the excessive expansion of Mariological speculation.’
    • ‘Strecker determines that ritual shaped Paul profoundly and extensively, whether the subject is Paul's Christology, ecclesiology, cosmology, or even his self-understanding.’
    • ‘In fact, my biggest concern with dispensationalism is its misuse of Scripture in the service of seriously flawed forms of Christology and ecclesiology.’
    • ‘Those who act rudely toward gay and lesbian people need a refresher course in ecclesiology or Christian hospitality.’
    • ‘Biblical eschatology should drive our ecclesiology.’
    • ‘The sacred marriage motif has had an enormous impact through the centuries, not only in ecclesiology, but also in Mariology and the theology and spirituality of vowed religious life.’
    • ‘It includes his mature thought on ecclesiology, the role of secular knowledge for theology, political and ecclesiastical authority, grace and predestination, and history and eschatology.’
    • ‘Is his Honour making some point about the ordinary law, or is his Honour making some point that is to be understood in terms of ecclesiology or canon law?’
    • ‘High-Church ecclesiology had long relied on a concept of the Church as a divine society where participating in communion mystically united all worshippers with the body of Christ.’
    • ‘It has no ecclesiology to speak of; it is full of historical amnesia; and it is generally scornful of rigorous theological reflection.’
    • ‘These modified Calvinists rejected significant segments of Calvinist ecclesiology and a Calvinist understanding of church-state relations.’
    • ‘A special approach to ecclesiology was not only important for Primitive Baptists, it was the essential way in which they remained the true church.’
    • ‘He also addresses the matter of Baptist ecclesiology and governance.’



/əˌklēzēˈäləjē/ /əˌkliziˈɑlədʒi/


Mid 19th century from Greek ekklēsia ‘assembly, church’+ -logy.