Definition of echo sounder in English:

echo sounder


  • A device for determining the depth of the seabed or detecting objects in water by measuring the time taken for sound echoes to return to the listener.

    • ‘As the low, green islands began to take shape, the echo sounder, which had been showing the same number all morning, came alarmingly to life, going from 15 feet to nearly zero in a few seconds.’
    • ‘At 12:56 P.M. a signal registered on the paper scrolling through the echo sounder.’
    • ‘The amount of methane bubbles rising from the bottom of Lake Kinneret was quantified by using a dual-beam echo sounder.’
    • ‘The boilers and engine are the only parts of the Longwy that really stand out on an echo sounder, rising to 22m from a 27m seabed.’
    • ‘The echo sounder had plotted a rise in the sea bed levelling to an uncertain and rough looking plateau.’
    • ‘To combat illegal fishing vessels the FCPBs are equipped with high definition navigational radar, high and ultra high frequency communications equipment, gyro-compass and echo sounder.’
    • ‘From our camp set in Ikka's mystical surroundings, we started our 4-week stay by charting the fjord, surveying the shore at high water to establish a baseline, then noting depths along traverses using GPS and an echo sounder.’
    • ‘An echo sounder is pretty well essential to find water of the correct depth, and Anders has a good stock of them available for hire.’
    • ‘Extensive research on foot and in the boat with the echo sounder eventually revealed a small but very distinct gravel area sitting no more than a foot or so proud of the otherwise flat lake bed.’
    • ‘More ‘blips' register on the echo sounder but this time, after only a few yards, the rod to your left slams over and all hell breaks loose.’
    • ‘Importantly, an echo sounder will help you avoid catching bottom with deep-diving lures wherever there is a sudden shelf or submerged island.’
    • ‘Wild Bank is charted as ascending to 5m, but the shallowest point we could find with an echo sounder and GPS search was 18m.’
    • ‘If you want to drop a shot on the boilers, use the transits and an echo sounder to search about 50m out, just east of north-east from Maen Voes.’
    • ‘Without doubt you will catch far more fish and enjoy your boat fishing infinitely more if you are in possession of a good echo sounder.’
    • ‘It is vital to carry out a thorough investigation of the area before you so much as wet a line, and this is where the echo sounder comes in so handy.’
    • ‘After every drift take a look at the echo sounder, see where the fish are and try to avoid concentrating on the barren ground.’
    • ‘Remember that it an offence to have fishing tackle with you in any boat that is equipped with an echo sounder.’
    • ‘Though not as important as the boat itself, an echo sounder to use aboard the boat will come in very handy.’
    • ‘The well-equipped vessel was lost with a full suite of gear, including VHF, echo sounder, plotter, autopilot, gill and trammel nets and a complete toolset.’
    • ‘The Köln is easy enough to find from the co-ordinates with a GPS and echo sounder, especially as there is a small buoy attached.’


echo sounder