Definition of echt in English:


Pronunciation /eKHt/ /ɛxt/ /ekt/ /ɛkt/


  • Authentic and typical.

    ‘the film's opening was an echt pop snob event’
    • ‘There is enough echt samurai swordplay to satisfy the most exacting martial arts fan, and yet somehow I can't see Tarantino lifting any of this.’
    • ‘On his fourth full-length, Banhart has carried on his exodus from his lonely singer-songwriter origins to arrive on stage as an echt frontman, newly confident, running the show.’
    • ‘There is a famous scene in E. M. Forster's novel Howards End where one person at a Beethoven concert hears only the music, while another envisions heroes and shipwrecks, while a third is reminded that Beethoven is echt Deutsch.’
    • ‘Bali has long been the echt Generation X paradise - the place where 20-somethings disappeared for months on end to ‘find themselves.’’
    • ‘The plastic tablecloths with gorgeous floral prints and the aroma and smoke from the roast mutton kebabs combine to make you feel this is an echt Xinjiang restaurant.’
    • ‘There is something rather touching about four cool-looking kids, living in Las Vegas, yearning for the echt experience of a bedsit in Bradford.’
    • ‘The ultimate winner was an echt conservative who wants to rein in abortions and stiffen drug laws.’
    • ‘Of course there are many echt spams that I could recognize in an instant, without glancing beyond the subject line.’
    • ‘This is why MGM was the echt Hollywood studio of the first half of the century, its scripts adapted from nineteenth-century novels by Tolstoy and Dickens, its gowns by Adrian, and its sets by Cedric Gibbons.’
    • ‘The hero ends up returning to the States, of course - the echt U.S. of the Middle West, no less - and a humble new beginning in that most capitalist of careers: accounting.’
    • ‘Although Gedda doesn't perform it with Tauber's suave tenderness, it's still an impressive bit of echt Vienna from a Swedish-Russian singer!’
    • ‘The stands are echt Chicago: gritty, down-to-earth, glitzy.’
    authentic, real, actual, original, pukka, bona fide, true, veritable, unfeigned, unadulterated, unalloyed


as submodifier
  • Authentically and typically.

    ‘echt-American writers as Hawthorne and Cooper and Mark Twain’
    • ‘The macho codes of his strict, Marine Corps father were reinforced by those of the echt working-class small town of Carteret, where the McGreeveys lived.’
    • ‘There's usually a queue outside this pizzeria right opposite Cibreo - the reason being the excellent, echt Neapolitan pizzas made with the finest ingredients.’
    • ‘Bob Spinrad, who used to run PARC (an echt Cartesian organization) said ‘The only institutions that fund pure research are either monopolies or think they are.’’
    • ‘They are intensely nationalistic in style, and Hubay either took the melodies directly from Hungarian folk music, or created his own echt Hungarian originals.’





/eKHt/ /ɛxt/ /ekt/ /ɛkt/