Definition of eclogite in English:



mass nounGeology
  • A metamorphic rock containing granular minerals, typically garnet and pyroxene.

    • ‘Specific rock names that record both the parent rock and its mineralogy are relatively rare, but include eclogite, blueschist, and amphibolite.’
    • ‘In similar contrast to the Okenyenya xenolith suite, lithologies such as wehrlite, eclogite and pyroxenite are also absent.’
    • ‘The granulite to eclogite transformation may not occur if water is absent; for example, if ocean crust has been dehydrated as happens when a slab subducts.’
    • ‘This textural variety of titanite is common in the more intensely amphibolitized eclogite, and although the mineral-forming reactions are similar to the framboidal-textured varieties, no rutile cores have been found in these grains.’
    • ‘A large sample of eclogite was collected from a small bay close to Letterfearn.’


Mid 19th century from French, from Greek eklogē ‘selection’ (with reference to the selective content of the rock) + -ite.