Definition of eco in English:



  • Not harming the environment; eco-friendly.

    ‘with its rustic bamboo construction and solar-heated shower, the accommodation looked eco enough’
    • ‘The domestic thermal power plants will be forced to buy green certificates to meet their eco energy quota.’
    • ‘The massive 32 ft stretched Hummer limo is powered by a potpourri of eco fuels.’
    • ‘Help came in the form of a £ 55,000 grant from the National Millennium Committee to self build their own eco rehearsal space.’
    • ‘Construction will soon be under way to construct a £ 9 million eco depot, which even recycles its own rainwater.’
    • ‘Earlier this week the school held a special eco conference to discuss how pupils could do more to help make Swindon a healthier place.’
    • ‘This fair at Sir Winston Churchill's former country home is part of a series at National Trust houses with an eco theme.’
    • ‘In the case of the eco documentary Earth, the industry will be measuring it in trees.’
    • ‘Chevy Chase invites us to his eco crib.’
    • ‘The eco warriors received a frosty reception from staff - one of them hosing the protesters down with cold water.’
    • ‘If you're a member of Hester you can opt to have some or all of your savings put into their eco fund.’
    • ‘The initiative led to an improvement of the urban environment in Belogradchik after an illicit dumping site was turned into an eco park.’
    • ‘They will gather at Newport car park at 11.30 am on Saturday and march to the eco village at Brithdir Mawr.’
    • ‘It was about five years ago that my eco conscience began to form.’
    • ‘The Gateway Hotel, another on the Group's big list, has joined hands with children in a big way for its eco programmes.’
    • ‘The mass destruction of Sofia's green areas must stop, a group of eco organisations said at a civic discussion in the city on June 19.’
    • ‘It has built a museum and created an eco park.’
    • ‘And unlike wire hangers that bend over time, Kantor says eco hangers keep their shape.’
    • ‘St Vincent has a fascinating history and unbelievably dramatic terrain - it's a real treat for adventure lovers and eco freaks.’
    • ‘Paul Gladman and Kerry Medhurst won £ 5,000 for building an energy-saving home as part of an eco self-build competition.’
    • ‘Young people, Otley's Jubilee Clock and an eco centre on the Chevin are set to keep the town's new mayor busy for the coming year.’