Definition of eco-activist in English:



  • A person engaged in vigorous social or political campaigns whose aim is to prevent damage to the environment.

    ‘the smart, high-flying mothers have launched a group that aims to turn yummy mummies into banner-waving eco-activists’
    • ‘Lying somewhere between an academic treatise, a biography of an eco-activist, and a guidebook for Green campaigners, it is a truly remarkable book.’
    • ‘With a new focus on environmental education in our school system, this battle-scarred eco-activist must know that his championing of environmental protection has not been in vain.’
    • ‘The blast sent flying debris into Ludwig's face, cutting the eco-activist on the forehead.’
    • ‘"I imagine that the program will, in a progressive sense, blend theory and practice," says the 23-year-old Concordia student and eco-activist.’
    • ‘"I asked him how he could raise such an objection when he himself was a hill man," recalled the eco-activist.’
    • ‘When I became an eco-activist at Twyford Down in the first days of the anti-roads movement in 1992, I was motivated by my fear about climate change.’
    • ‘They don tool belts and hard hats to join 22 others - including a doctor, a lawyer, a publican, a scientist, carpenters and an unemployed eco-activist - on a pioneering sustainable house-building course.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, an eco-activist dug a pound-shaped flower bed in the lawn of the MP in protest at his gardening expense claims.’
    • ‘Despite scant media attention, eco-activists have been conducting semi-legal campaigns up and down the country.’
    • ‘Lynn has returned to help find her brother, Wylie, who has joined a group of determined eco-activists.’
    • ‘While most environmentalists resort to conventional tactics to generate change, for some dedicated - often young - eco-activists, state-sanctioned lobbying practices are proving to be insufficient.’
    • ‘But their activism reinvigorated an argument that eco-activists had let fall into disuse: the moral right.’
    • ‘Eco-activists lobbying the courts aside, most people show little concern over industrial pollution.’
    • ‘Pagan philosophies appealed to many eco-activists, who also saw Nature as sacred and recognised the Great Goddess as Mother Nature.’
    • ‘The war talk over global warming also reflects an increasing desperation on the part of eco-activists, commentators and official environment departments.’
    • ‘It is not only writers and eco-activists who have stoked up fears of unknown risks.’
    • ‘In fact the term 'earthlings' is probably preferable to 'human beings' in the language of eco-activists.’