Definition of eco-driving in English:



  • The practice of driving in such a way as to minimize fuel consumption and the emission of carbon dioxide.

    ‘all instructors and examiners have been coached in eco-driving’
    • ‘you can save a lot of money by adopting a few simple eco-driving techniques’
    • ‘"I believe eco-driving has an important role," he said.’
    • ‘Other recommendations from the Commission include promoting the teaching of "eco-driving" techniques - in which motorists learn how to use their car in a fuel-efficient manner.’
    • ‘As for Gordon Brown, he thinks motorists should switch to electric cars and learn eco-driving.’
    • ‘Couple that with your eco-driving skills, and you could start saving for an electric car.’
    • ‘Already, eco-driving technology can help motorists spend less at the pumps and reduce their emissions; better information can make using public transport easier, and videoconferencing technology can help business travellers avoid some journeys altogether.’
    • ‘The growing popularity of eco-driving is fuelling a rise in a new breed of "green" driving schools around the country.’
    • ‘Smarter driving or 'eco-driving' could save you up to £220 a year in petrol or diesel, plus help the environment.’
    • ‘The government has already launched schemes to train truck and van drivers to use less fuel and the Energy Saving Trust, a government agency, would like to promote eco-driving more widely.’
    • ‘Needless braking and accelerating will have been eliminated by eco-driving lessons, and fleets of vehicles, stripped of excess weight, will glide along motorways at a legal and fuel-efficient 70mph’
    • ‘The plans are part of a bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and 118 of its 700 trucks are also to be fitted with equipment to promote ecodriving.’
    • ‘The Energy Saving Trust has developed ecodriving tips to help reduce carbon emissions and alert people to the dangers of bad driving habits’
    • ‘The research found that despite the fact that nearly nine in ten people are concerned about the rising cost of fuel, 40% admit to being completely clueless when it comes to eco-driving, which can save up to 20% on fuel costs.’