Definition of eco-fashion in English:



mass noun
  • Clothing and other goods produced by methods that are not harmful to the environment, e.g. using materials that have been recycled or that have been grown without the use of pesticides.

    as modifier ‘her collection combines ethical concerns with beautifully structured pieces and is garnering plaudits from fashion insiders and eco-fashion enthusiasts’
    • ‘The Los Angeles-based designer is taking eco-fashion to the next level, and is in her fourth season of creating what she calls "luxury eco."’
    • ‘Not a bad endorsement of eco-fashion from one of the world's biggest stars.’
    • ‘She hopes through this work to obtain her PHD in eco-fashion.’
    • ‘With major US retailers such as Banana Republic selling organic and fair trade lines, eco-fashion has made it into the mainstream.’
    • ‘The availability of eco-fashion in various outlets, prices and styles signifies true growth and improves viability through convenience and appeal.’
    • ‘Today's eco-fashion seems to have an established place in the market.’
    • ‘Eco-fashion will continue to grow alongside the trend for green products in general.’
    • ‘And when you consider the percentage of eco-fashion in the industry as a whole, there is plenty more room for growth.’
    • ‘The Boca Raton, Florida, TV production company wanted to know if Richard would agree to be interviewed for a documentary on eco-fashion.’
    • ‘Would love to have seen a celebrity who is actually passionate about eco-fashion.’
    • ‘Other ads are for local eco-fashion labels.’