Definition of eco-friendly in English:



  • Not harmful to the environment.

    ‘I use only eco-friendly products’
    • ‘Alternative, eco-friendly recipes for cleaning and beauty products are also offered.’
    • ‘Now my overall cleaning costs are so low I don't worry about splurging on the eco-friendly dish detergent.’
    • ‘These icings are a perfect way to top off your organic desserts or turn your black forest cake into a truly eco-friendly treat.’
    • ‘Over the past decade, there's been a rise in eco-friendly bed-and-breakfasts.’
    • ‘Now you can even get an eco-friendly retirement account through a mainstream financial planner.’
    • ‘The advent of plastic saw this natural and eco-friendly product being forced out of homes, leaving the craftsmen in the lurch.’
    • ‘Reduced taxation for eco-friendly products or services can be applied to give market incentives to companies and customers.’
    • ‘The centre is also outsourcing eco-friendly products in view of the heavy demand for these from locals and tourists.’
    • ‘The specialist mobile unit and its array of eco-friendly products set to work at once.’
    • ‘Silk can also be made in a non-violent, eco-friendly and sustainable way.’
    • ‘They liked our airports, our hotels and our eco-friendly sustainable Olympic village.’
    • ‘The group has developed eco-friendly homes with light steel frames, made from recycled British steel.’
    • ‘The thermal properties of eco-friendly glass are also different from the corresponding leaded glasses.’
    • ‘They will speak about the need to become more eco-friendly.’
    • ‘There can be many eco-friendly designs for city development.’
    • ‘The focus of urban planning is now on eco-friendly methods to tackle the winged marauder, the mosquito, going by what planners say.’
    • ‘Instead, the stress should be on eco-friendly and economical techniques of pest-control and crop management.’
    • ‘Veggie car owners agree that biodiesel is another renewable fuel source, but say it isn't as cost effective or eco-friendly.’
    • ‘The car is both eco-friendly and economical, according to him.’
    • ‘It is considered a more eco-friendly method of cultivation and its high yields can help the community overcome food insecurity.’