Definition of ecocentric in English:



See ecocentrism

  • ‘Ostensibly the techno- and ecocentric world views are very different, though they overlap in such centrist doctrines as ‘sustainable development’ and ‘ecological modernisation’.’
  • ‘Moreover each, again in different ways, provide a valuable corrective to a good deal of the technocentric and the ecocentric thinking which currently animates the environmental debate.’
  • ‘In general, however, since the Preamble does not create obligations, it is notably more ecocentric than the substantive articles, which reflect more anthropocentric concerns.’
  • ‘Such a position can be associated overall with a form of ecocentric ethics or concern.’
  • ‘I don't see how civilisation can survive on anything but an ecocentric basis.’
  • ‘We know that there were some cultures which had what we now call an ecocentric attitude to nature.’
  • ‘This new ecocentric civilization and resulting land use might also be unrecognizable to historic native peoples.’
  • ‘This paper aims to highlight the conceptual difficulty of enacting ecocentric ethical positions beyond formal arguments.’
  • ‘I would say that without what has been called an ecocentric perspective, nothing very much will change.’
  • ‘These elements could add up to a robust ecological philosophy that could inspire people across cultures to follow a new ecocentric way of life.’