Definition of ecologist in English:



  • An expert in or student of ecology.

    ‘a German ecologist studying the river habitat’
    • ‘This course is for anyone wanting to become a professional ecologist.’
    • ‘The ecologists found, however, that the saltiness of rural streams has increased steadily for the past thirty years.’
    • ‘Ecologists are concerned that the B.C. population has declined due to extensive logging of the coastal forests.’
    • ‘In conclusion, this book has much to offer avian ecologists, especially those interested in grassland ecosystems.’
    • ‘The marine ecologist was also honored with an award from the Aquarium.’
    • ‘The paper by Monsi and Saeki provided plant ecologists with several key problems.’
    • ‘Just this summer, the park's forest ecologist discovered a 278 - year-old pignut hickory growing on a rock outcrop.’
    • ‘All activities are closely monitored by ecologists.’
    • ‘And unless current trends reverse, ecologists predict the last rainforest tree will fall in the next 40 years.’
    • ‘Ecologists warn that the change will likely have a negative effect on the animals and birds that get their food from oaks and hickories.’