Definition of economic indicator in English:

economic indicator


  • A statistic used to predict future trends in a nation's economy.

    • ‘Taiwan's economic planning body said yesterday that the nation's leading economic indicators for March hit a 15-year low.’
    • ‘But the really important trend is a leading economic indicator of returning prosperity if ever there was one: ‘Men's bags seem to be coming up to speed in terms of fashion, too.’’
    • ‘And all the leading economic indicators are trending upward.’
    • ‘Japan, for example, has become the largest beneficiary of China's economic growth, and its leading economic indicators, including consumer spending, have improved as a result.’
    • ‘The composite index of leading economic indicators - a key gauge of economic activity in the next six months - was unchanged in September after a drop in the previous month, the government said yesterday.’
    • ‘In addition, the government's economic planning body also announced Taiwan's leading economic indicator in October fell to an 18-month low.’
    • ‘You won't find ‘coffee-shop attendance’ on any list of leading economic indicators, but it's nevertheless key.’
    • ‘The University of Michigan's index is so accurate a predictor that the federal government has included it among its leading economic indicators since 1989.’
    • ‘Every leading economic indicator (optimism, spending, revenue, income, etc.) for small and medium businesses is up for the first time since 1999.’
    • ‘Moreover, business fixed investment may be a leading economic indicator.’
    • ‘Corporate profits at one time were thought to be a leading economic indicator.’
    • ‘Whenever the lagging economic indicators rise simultaneously with leading economic indicators declining - like now - history shows the stock market is at major top.’
    • ‘Despite rising unemployment, Taiwan's leading economic indicators in January rose 1.5 percent to 98.3-the highest level since December 2000, the Council for Economic Planning and Development said yesterday.’
    • ‘The nation's composite index of leading economic indicators rose for a seventh straight month in March, indicating economic expansion is continuing, the Council for Economic Planning and Development said yesterday.’
    • ‘History and business-cycle theory show that stock markets tend to peak when the aggregate of other leading economic indicators are also peaking, which altogether usually anticipate business-cycle peaks by a few quarters.’
    • ‘And the May index of leading economic indicators was up by 1%, its biggest gain since December 2001.’
    • ‘The Federal Reserve chairman's comments came as the index of US leading economic indicators brought positive news.’
    • ‘The construction of leading economic indicators requires a monthly and up-to-date series.’
    • ‘The index of leading economic indicators has been slipping slowly since February.’
    • ‘December's 0.1 percent rise in the Conference Board's index of leading economic indicators followed gains of 0.5 percent in November and 0.2 percent in October.’