Definition of economic rationalism in English:

economic rationalism


mass nounAustralian, New Zealand
  • The theory that efficiency and productivity should be the primary measures of economic success.

    ‘we're reversing the damage done by economic rationalism to social wellbeing’
    • ‘His book proposes an alternative to the prevailing economic rationalism.’
    • ‘There is an ongoing debate about the influence "economic rationalism" has in Canberra.’
    • ‘In much contemporary architecture, economic rationalism has eliminated the lyrical, the poetic, the social or the environmental.’
    • ‘In this analysis we have concentrated on identifying the linguistic resources which facilitate social practices supporting economic rationalism.’
    • ‘This heralded a major penetration of economic rationalism into education.’
    • ‘Since then he has made his name as an uncompromising critic of corporate greed and economic rationalism.’
    • ‘The dual modalities of crisis and economic rationalism are framing the current movement into Internet-based teaching.’
    • ‘In Australia, the current conservative agenda is for small government and economic rationalism.’
    • ‘Feminism, at its best, fights against patriarchy, against colonialism, against ageism, against economic rationalism.’
    • ‘Howard's New Liberals have almost completely crunched liberalism, which is all about cultural and economic rationalism, and a small state.’