Definition of economic rationalist in English:

economic rationalist


Australian, New Zealand
  • A person who supports the theory that efficiency and productivity should be the primary measures of economic success.

    ‘like all economic rationalists, he regards subsidies and intervention as anathema to a modern economy’
    • ‘None of the cited publications is clear about what economic rationalists believe.’
    • ‘This description of economic rationalism is primarily based on its enemies' assumptions, not on economic rationalists' actual views.’
    • ‘We tend to be economic rationalists with hearts of gold.’
    • ‘What the country needs is an economic rationalist that likes a punt.’
    • ‘I have been described at various times by my political opponents as an economic rationalist.’
    • ‘The role of the courts as consumers of legal services is often completely overlooked by people who regard themselves as economic rationalists.’
    • ‘These discourses are consistent with an economic rationalist worldview.’
    • ‘Economics is suffering from the domination of economic rationalist theories.’
    • ‘The bank hit an overdraft straight from some economic rationalist hell.’
    • ‘This attitude is no way to get off the economic rationalist treadmill.’