Definition of economization in English:


(British economisation)


See economize

  • ‘There are some interesting moments in the paper, which recognizes a ‘linkage between culture and the economy’ that is ‘reflected in two associated processes: acculturation’ of the economy and economization of culture.’’
  • ‘I refer to the increasing economization of our culture and the concomitant pressures bearing down on the churches to ‘market’ themselves to fickle religious ‘consumers’ in ways that distort or pervert the churches' message.’
  • ‘We exist in an age in which print - the economization of writing - has an increasingly significant and precarious role in our lives.’
  • ‘Cabin design, mass economization, and recycling have also been improved quite a bit in the last 50 years.’
  • ‘This interest is directed towards an analysis of the industrialisation and economisation of culture.’