Definition of economy-size in English:


(also economy-sized)


  • Of a size which offers a large quantity for a proportionally lower cost.

    ‘an economy-size container’
    • ‘If there's a line, fill your giant economy-sized water bottle in the locker-room sink.’
    • ‘Amazingly enough, the herbs necessary were in the duffel bag in gigantic economy-size bottles, so he could make several weeks worth of things taste like chicken before he starved to death.’
    • ‘Yes folks, while I was walking around with an economy-sized can of Aqua Net to keep the world's largest hair intact, I was, like, so sad about the ozone layer and the rain forests and stuff.’
    • ‘The only bent knees were those necessitated by the practicalities of squeezing two large economy-sized people into a standard-sized chunk of porcelain.’
    • ‘He wins an economy-sized bottle of something greasy.’
    • ‘Empty economy-size shampoo and conditioner bottles into small, squeezable ones that are easier for a child to hold.’
    • ‘Now, if this economy-size headache goes away, I will be doing a post-speech analysis.’
    • ‘She stared as I wrestled my way around my eight-month-pregnant belly and down to the bottom of the cart to retrieve the economy-sized box of diapers.’
    • ‘Then, from a utility-kitchen refrigerator, she retrieved and devoured (in exactly what order I don't recall) a container of chicken wings, a combo plate of tacos and an economy-size tub of Velveeta.’
    • ‘And you and I could barely make the payments now without buying the economy-size ketchup!’
    • ‘A few days later, at 2 A.M., he was rousted from sleep by four or five soldiers armed with blankets stuffed with economy-size bars of soap.’
    • ‘I took an economy-size swallow of orange juice.’
    • ‘‘Like a Forest’ is filled out with an economy-size string section produced to sound incredibly dense.’
    large, sizeable, of considerable size, substantial, considerable, great, huge, immense, enormous, extensive, colossal, massive, mammoth, vast, prodigious, tremendous, gigantic, giant, monumental, mighty, stupendous, gargantuan, elephantine, titanic, epic, mountainous, megalithic, monstrous, Brobdingnagian