Definition of economy of scale in English:

economy of scale


  • A proportionate saving in costs gained by an increased level of production.

    ‘mergers may lead to economies of scale’
    • ‘They don't benefit from economies of scale because their costs increase as they grow.’
    • ‘It just needs to take market share, gain economies of scale, and grow profitably.’
    • ‘Where there were few opportunities for economies of scale in production, brands had little role to play.’
    • ‘It could drive future sales and profits ahead through economies of scale and market share gains from competitive pricing.’
    • ‘That means companies that serve the market gain vast manufacturing economies of scale.’
    • ‘They have total vertical integration and all of the costs savings that go with that in addition to economies of scale.’
    • ‘After that, they have to start going so far afield to procure corn that the extra transportation costs offset any gains from economy of scale in the processing operation.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, parts producers cannot use the economies of scale to build businesses and create jobs.’
    • ‘He called for regional and local certification so that farmers could enjoy economies of scale in production.’
    • ‘Ford inaugurated the single-model car, which was both technologically advanced and inexpensive to buy, thanks to mass production and the economy of scale.’