Definition of ecoregion in English:



  • An area defined in terms of its natural features and environment.

    ‘the Columbia Basin ecoregion’
    • ‘In 65 chapters and hundreds of local Groups spanning 21 ecoregions and two Nations, Sierra Club members are hard at Work protecting our natural heritage.’
    • ‘There are over 200 ecoregions in Canada and even more ecodistricts, so this site will only deal with ecozones.’
    • ‘Conservation efforts in the Chihuahuan Desert are complicated by the fact that the ecoregion extends across an international border and numerous state boundaries, both in Mexico and the United States.’
    • ‘Without some sort of prioritization scheme, it will be difficult to focus limited resources on species, ecoregions, and habitats that are in need of conservation.’
    • ‘It occupied an area that includes both lower and upper cordilleran and subalpine ecoregions, typically characterized by closed forests of lodge-pole pine, Engelmann spruce, aspen and poplar.’
    • ‘My ecoregion (a subdivision of the area described above) is California coastal sage and chaparral.’
    • ‘In fact, we seek to reverse the decline of a host of vulnerable species by conserving and restoring large-scale natural systems in the Sonoran Desert ecoregion.’
    • ‘This ecoregion is a transition zone between the boreal spruce-fir forests to the north and deciduous forests to the south, and forests typically are mixed conifer-hardwood.’
    • ‘Two ecoregions make up most of the Hudson River Basin.’
    • ‘Latin America has 7 odd's 25 biologically richest ecoregions, containing between them 46,000 plant, 1,597 amphibian, 1,208 rep 1,267 bird and 575 mammal species.’
    • ‘The atlas is arranged in 867 zones, known as ecoregions.’
    • ‘It also encompasses the ecoregions of West Coast, East Coast, Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats.’
    • ‘They are championing the creation of an enormous ecoregion stretching nearly 2,000 miles from Wyoming to the far north of Canada's Yukon Territory, just 37 miles shy of the Arctic Circle.’
    • ‘This ecoregion is classified as having a high-boreal ecoclimate and a lowarctic oceanographic regime.’
    • ‘However, the wealth of science and literature in the book renders it a useful summary and reference for aquatic and watershed researchers, and most of the concepts and applications extend beyond the ecoregion.’
    • ‘This ecoregion is home to nine times as many stony corals as live in the Caribbean Sea and more than twice the number found in the Indian Ocean.’
    • ‘Overgrazing, water diversion, aquifer ‘mining’ (pumping at an unsustainable rate), and overcollecting of native plants and animals are considered the greatest threats to biodiversity in the Chihuahuan Desert ecoregion.’
    • ‘The South Coast ecoregion is a hot spot for biodiversity in the United States - it is also considered the most threatened.’
    • ‘Simon says current and upcoming projects include in-depth studies of each ecoregion.’