Definition of ecoterrorist in English:



See ecoterrorism

‘Locals speculate that the culprits might be anyone from ecoterrorists to local hunters irked about development to disgruntled contractors or even white racists mad about black families moving into the area.’
  • ‘There had been some concern before the trial that the FBI would get a pass from the jury given the current climate, especially in a case brought by supposed ecoterrorists.’
  • ‘In Crichton's fictional world, tsunamis are the work of ecoterrorists trying to dupe people into thinking global warming is a threat.’
  • ‘There is no region of the United States where I have not received complaints from members about being victimized by ecoterrorists.’



/ˈēkōterərəst/ /ˈikoʊtɛrərəst/