Definition of ecotourism in English:



mass noun
  • Tourism directed towards exotic, often threatened, natural environments, intended to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife.

    • ‘The natural beauty and relatively healthy and safe environment have potential for tourism and ecotourism.’
    • ‘Failing this, the conservation outcomes of ecotourism may be less favorable.’
    • ‘They will learn what to avoid and what to apply in terms of improving ecotourism's environmental and social performance.’
    • ‘The conference touched on many things, but none more deeply than the fragile environment that still exists around the very concept of ecotourism.’
    • ‘As more and more of the world's tour operators are beginning to acknowledge, ecotourism has to live up to its green claims.’
    • ‘Billed as ‘The Nature Island of the Caribbean,’ recent efforts promote cultural ecotourism.’
    • ‘And, like ecotourism itself, there are wide variations in the types and rigor of these certification programs.’
    • ‘Junín community members want to continue with sustainable development based on ecotourism in the neighbouring ecological preserve.’
    • ‘That ecotourism is one of Belize's tickets to development is at least partially a result of the environmental history of Belize.’
    • ‘The crowning event, last month's Summit in Canada, was the largest worldwide gathering on ecotourism ever held.’
    • ‘Shrubbery and tree branches are used as sawdust and fodder for fires that generate steam for energy and land has been set aside for ecotourism.’
    • ‘Hardly an upstart, Maho Bay is instead a pioneer in small-scale, tent-based ecotourism.’
    • ‘She also pursued ecotourism, building cabanas and dormitories that now house visitors and school groups.’
    • ‘Now it is coming out with ecotourism programs to attract tourists.’
    • ‘Costa Rica has pioneered what's now become known as ecotourism, traveling in harmony with nature.’
    • ‘The other big challenge lies in looking at the mountainous areas where ecotourism is starting to become a very popular activity.’
    • ‘The 10 trips profiled here are mere snapshots of the rapidly growing world of ecotourism.’
    • ‘Second, I was on my way to visit one of the pioneers in community-based ecotourism.’
    • ‘Better than ecotourism is staying close to home and finding other ways of enjoying our leisure.’
    • ‘He knows that financial rewards such as those brought in by ecotourism are of great benefit.’