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‘The lure of such incredible flora and fauna attracts ecotourists by the thousands to this unspoiled corner of Mexico, and there's no shortage of tour operators to ease your way.’
  • ‘Instead of just cycling for 10 days, ecotourists are buying into combinations of mountain biking, hiking and sea kayaking.’
  • ‘But what advice would you give to prospective ecotourists to chose a responsible operator?’
  • ‘After the resources have been extracted, the region could be left without a sustainable economic base, stripped even of the natural habitats that could draw ecotourists or support traditional forms of subsistence.’
  • ‘Each pack will include a strip of chewing gum, but, unlike the traditional fare, it will be non-toxic, non-animal-tested, and produced with organic rubber harvested by volunteer ecotourists in the rainforests of Amazonia.’



/ˈekōˌto͝orəst/ /ˈɛkoʊˌtʊrəst/ /ˈēkōˌto͝orəst/ /ˈikoʊˌtʊrəst/