Definition of ecotown in English:



  • A new town designed to facilitate a lifestyle that has as little impact on the environment as possible.

    • ‘The Daily Telegraph has also learned that the planned housing density for the eco-towns in some places is equivalent to an inner city.’
    • ‘Last month ministers unveiled a shortlist of 15 sites across England that will eventually be whittled down to 10 eco-towns.’
    • ‘Flint wants between 30 % and 40 % of houses in her eco-towns to be for the poor.’
    • ‘The report argues that demand for housing should be met by regenerating existing villages and towns rather than by eco-towns.’
    • ‘It looks as if the government will wait until the spring before announcing formally that only one or two proposed eco-towns are viable.’
    • ‘Should we make existing towns and cities greener and abandon eco-towns?’
    • ‘The government's plans to build eco-towns have turned out to be so many Potemkin villages.’
    • ‘The Co-operative Group is bidding to build an eco-town called Pennbury on land it owns between Stoughton and Great Glen in Leicester.’
    • ‘James Woudhuysen warned of the dangers of Brownfield Brutalism and urged friendly bombs to fall on Brown's eco-towns.’
    • ‘In essence, eco-towns are a brilliant idea, and one that we should embrace.’
    • ‘The eco-towns are described as larger versions of Prince Charles ' Poundbury estate in Dorset.’
    • ‘New eco-towns, consisting of 5,000-10,000 homes, would have strong public transport links to nearby setlements.’
    • ‘Are eco-towns an important first step as part of a long term strategy to tackle global warming?’
    • ‘The Government could make millions of pounds from eco-towns while watering down their green credentials, the Telegraph has revealed.’
    • ‘He is also championing the creation of eco-towns and aims to push through a Climate Change bill.’
    • ‘Not content with eco-towns and Duchy Originals, the Prince of Wales is involved in a new business: tending graves.’
    • ‘What is the point of eco-towns?’
    • ‘They really, really did want an eco-town in Cambois, where the post office, shop and pub have successively gone.’
    • ‘Now, he has said that both Labour's eco-towns and other urban areas should be adapted to improve people's health.’
    • ‘Riba was very keen to help with these eco-towns and to ensure that good design followed good planning, he emphasised.’