Definition of ecotoxicological in English:


Pronunciation /-kəˈläjikəl/


See ecotoxicology

‘These cause ecotoxicological effects directly, through toxicity to nontarget organisms and ecosystems, and indirectly, by changing habitat or the abundance of food species of wildlife.’
  • ‘Such a prediction may be directly interpreted as a form of risk assessment or, alternatively, these pairs (toxicological harm/exposure) could then be related to a conventional scale of ecotoxicological risk, for example from 1 to 10.’
  • ‘In addition, because rotifers are relatively easy to culture and sensitive to pollutants they have become important tools in ecotoxicological testing.’
  • ‘Sediment evaluation along the stream supplies a diagnosis of the ecotoxicological impact on the area because certain groups of compounds with toxic and genotoxic properties are deposited over time.’
  • ‘This inverse relationship between resistance and resilience is of particular importance in ecotoxicological respect.’