Definition of ectodermal in English:



Zoology Embryology

See ectoderm

  • ‘In most polychaetes, the ectodermal and mesodermal derivatives of the growth zone become incorporated into segmental tissues in an anterior-posterior sequence.’
  • ‘For example, chaetal sacks are one of the few ectodermal features of polychaetes that regularly express engrailed, and chaetae are the primary indurated elements in the ectoderm.’
  • ‘At the very tip of the limb bud is a thickening in the ectoderm - the apical ectodermal ridge or apical ridge, which runs along the dorso-ventral boundary.’
  • ‘As the neural tube closes, the ectodermal cells continue to grow and divide very rapidly.’
  • ‘The term iteration is used to denote processes that result in both metameric segments and repeated ectodermal skeletal structures.’