Definition of ectoparasite in English:



  • A parasite, such as a flea, that lives on the outside of its host.

    Compare with endoparasite

    ‘Several ectoparasite species often infect the same nest, and host responses against one parasite could affect the fitness of other ectoparasites and modify ectoparasite communities.’
    • ‘We measured various indicators of male health and condition, including the intensity of infection from ectoparasites and blood parasites.’
    • ‘Fifth, we test for correlations between ectoparasites and blood parasites.’
    • ‘The negative association between the two ectoparasites suggests that hen fleas could impose selection pressures on the evolution of Protocalliphora life history traits.’
    • ‘Cavity-nesting hosts will often face ectoparasites during reproduction.’



/ˌektəˈperəsīt/ /ˌɛktəˈpɛrəsaɪt/