Definition of ectoplasmic in English:



See ectoplasm

‘It's a handsome book, with bold typography and an atmospheric picture of a woman in a dark coat, walking into ectoplasmic mist.’
  • ‘Security services and politicians, at a loss to know what's next, are more anxious than they let on about an ectoplasmic enemy.’
  • ‘Since ectoplasmic excretions are not ghosts per se, the camera's role in the phenomenon was not to capture spirits but to witness human contact with spirits, record the manifestation in action, and document its fragile by-products.’
  • ‘But because the target was too high a level for the spell, the amount of ectoplasmic energy wasn't sufficient to reach the critical threshold, which essentially means that he starts out with a negative number of hit points.’
  • ‘From where we are today, there is something naive about the more literal manifestations of spiritualism: the ectoplasmic materialisations, the ventriloquial productions and the psychokinetic feats.’



/ˌektəˈplazəmik/ /ˌɛktəˈplæzəmɪk/