Definition of Ectoprocta in English:


plural noun

another term for Bryozoa
  • ‘In our original description the Cycliophora was related to the Entoprocta and Ectoprocta on the basis of ultrastructual research.’
  • ‘In the original description we stated that the Cycliophora are related to Entoprocta / Ectoprocta.’
  • ‘The internal anatomy is relatively simple, with a U-shaped gut and the anus located outside the ciliated feeding apparatus, a similar arrangement to that found in Ectoprocta and some sessile rotifers.’
  • ‘Lophophorates include only three known groups, i.e. Phoronida, Ectoprocta and Brachiopoda.’
  • ‘Analyses including a variety of annelids and molluscs do not show Annelida and Mollusca as monophyletic, and the Ectoprocta are usually polyphyletic too.’


Modern Latin (plural), from ektos ‘outside or external’ + prōktos ‘anus’.