Definition of ectothermic in English:




See ectotherm

  • ‘The temperature at which the eggs of ectothermic vertebrates incubate can influence several phenotypic traits of offspring.’
  • ‘Many ectothermic species demonstrate behavioral thermoregulation following feeding in an attempt to increase body temperature, thus increasing temperature-dependent rate processes associated with catabolism.’
  • ‘A lack of metabolic data has made this association more difficult to assess in most ectothermic vertebrates, and little is known of any possible relationship between genome size and metabolic rate in fishes and reptiles.’
  • ‘As a result, these animals are able to thrive in environments with cold or highly variable thermal conditions, and in some nocturnal habitats unavailable to ectothermic vertebrates.’
  • ‘Dinosaurs were mostly inertial homeotherms; they were ectothermic but maintained a constant body temperature by growing large.’