Definition of ectothermy in English:




See ectotherm

  • ‘Endothermy did evolve from ectothermy, and birds did evolve from dinosaurs, which we know came from ectothermic ancestors sometime in the distant past.’
  • ‘But the apparent dichotomy between endothermy and ectothermy is misleading; rather, there is a broad spectrum of metabolic types, many of which are directly correlated with the anatomical form and function of the breathing apparatus.’
  • ‘Dinosaur bones show no evidence of ectothermy; Mesozoic dinosaurs deposited tissues that in living tetrapods grow at rates that suggest basal metabolic rates significantly higher than those of any living non-avian reptiles.’
  • ‘This condition is strikingly similar to the nasal region of many extant reptiles and is strong evidence for low lung ventilation rates and ectothermy, or near-ectothermy, in these dinosaurs.’
  • ‘And even if-they were fully ectothermic, there are large, tropical-latitude lizards, such as the Komodo dragon, alive today that demonstrate that ectothermy by no means implies sluggishness.’