Definition of ectropion in English:



  • A condition, typically a consequence of advanced age, in which the eyelid is turned outward away from the eyeball.

    ‘This results in tears pooling in the cul-de-sac produced by the lower lid ectropion and resultant epiphora.’
    • ‘Paralytic lower lid ectropion was present in eight patients before the combined procedure and improved significantly in seven of these patients.’
    • ‘A common cause of eye watering in older people is ectropion.’
    • ‘In my view, the possibility of eyelid problems such as retraction and ectropion and the possibility of revisionary surgery are material risks about which a patient should be informed when determining whether to have a blepharoplasty.’
    • ‘The combination of a paralytic and a senile ectropion leads to a defect of eyelid closure in association with a disorder of lacrimal function.’



/ekˈtrōpēən/ /ɛkˈtroʊpiən/ /ekˈtrōpēˌän/ /ɛkˈtroʊpiˌɑn/


Late 17th century from Greek, from ek- ‘out’ + trepein ‘to turn’.