Definition of Ecuadorian in English:


(also Ecuadorean)


  • Relating to Ecuador or its people.

    ‘the Ecuadorian government’
    • ‘Spanish, called Castellano, is the official Ecuadorian language.’
    • ‘There's a sense of wanting to be not mistaken for Mexican or Cuban: 'I want to be Ecuadorean'.’
    • ‘The aircraft load up on Colombian flowers, Ecuadorian fish, and Peruvian asparagus.’
    • ‘It was refreshing to converse, even in my broken Spanish, about the state of Ecuadorian politics and farming.’
    • ‘People throughout Ecuador make it very clear that identification as Ecuadorian is for all people, not only for the elite and upper-middle classes.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Ecuador.

    ‘the Ecuadorians raced to victory, taking five out of the last six games’
    • ‘Like thousands of Ecuadorians, Olga was quick to find a job after she arrived in Madrid four years ago.’
    • ‘The ball spun for the Ecuadorean and he banged in a fierce shot which the goalkeeper could only palm away.’
    • ‘We want all the problems to be resolved well and for Ecuadorians to live in peace.’
    • ‘I have this facility with accents because I grew up with Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Colombians, Ecuadoreans, Salvadorans and Argentines.’
    • ‘An Ecuadorian conducts Spanish-language services at Birmingham's Dawson Memorial Baptist Church.’